Introduction / Biography


             Let me take a few moments to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me.  My name is Mrs. Spann.  I am married and have two daughters. I was born and raised right here in Mobile and am very proud of our rich cultural heritage and long colorful history.  In fact it was an Alabama Public Television series on the history of Mobile Bay that first sparked my interest in history.  I was twelve and the series was called “The Way it Was: A Maritime History of Mobile Bay.”     

 I am a product of the Mobile Public School System.  I attended Murphy and Citronelle High Schools.  I received my Bachelor’s of Arts in History from the University of South Alabama, and my Master’s of Education from Spring Hill College.

            My interest in Social Studies and particularly politics grew when I participated in the Close Up program my junior year of High School.  I strongly encourage any of you interested to go to D.C. and participate in Close Up.  In college I spent six weeks the summer of 2000 in Washington interning for former Congressman Sonny Callahan.  I got to watch the 4th of July fireworks on the National Mall from the Capitol steps.  Later that summer I served as a youth delegate to a political party’s national convention.  In 2002 I managed a successful state house campaign for a friend.

           I love the social studies and I am convinced that education ranks among the noblest of all professions.  I am immensely proud to be a professional educator.  That said; please understand that I have great expectations of you.  I do not expect you to leave this class knowing all the right answers.  A teacher is judged instead by whether her pupils have come to recognize and formulate the right questions.  The answers only matter if the questions do.  Never stop thinking, never stop asking!  I look forward to your questions and the great year we will have together.