Class Rules 

1.     Be respectful, of yourself, others and personal property.

2.     Be prepared and ready to contribute.

3.     Be on time.

4.     Raise your hand and wait to be called upon to speak.

5.     Obey all school rules.   

1.     This is a general rule that covers a broad range of situations.  This rule will be used to establish and maintain the level of civility needed to discuss sensitive topics that often come up in social studies classes.

2.     This rule is more specific but can still cover a variety of activities including completing homework and bringing materials.

3.     This is a specific rule that communicates to the class the importance I place on promptness.  If minutes are lost every day due to tardiness, valuable instruction time is lost.

4.     This is a specific rule that I plan to enforce fully at the start of the year to reinforce rule number one.  After a general decorum is established I will selectively enforce this rule as the situation arises.

5.     This is an all encompassing general rule that lets the students know that I am on board will school policy and will enforce school rules.

Class Procedures 

Entering Class  ---Come to class on time.  Quietly be seated at your assigned desk.  Get your materials out and copy the question of the day.  Write a 3-5 sentence response to the question of the day, while roll is being taken. 

Tardy--- If you are tardy to class please sign and date the tardy sheet at the front of the room and be seated.  If you have an excuse please check the “please excuse” column, and place your excuse/slip in the designated box. 

Exiting class ---You may leave when the class is straight and orderly. You will be dismissed by the teacher not the bell. In-class assignments ----Class assignments are to be turned in the day assigned, unless otherwise noted.  Late assignments will be accepted for 1/3 credit.  Assignments are to be placed in the class work tray that corresponds to your period.   

Roll ---I will take roll immediately following the tardy bell.  This will be done primarily by sight, as you are assigned seats.   

Turning in of Homework--- Homework may or may not be taken up.   It is NOT to be done when you are supposed to be working on the question of the day.  Late homework will be accepted for 1/3 credit.   

Homework return--- Homework will be returned in a timely manner.  You are to keep all homework and returned class work in the designated section of your binder. 

Restroom ---Use the restroom on your time.  You may not leave class to use the restroom except in cases of emergency.  When such an “emergency” arises, raise your hand fist closed and wait for me to give you the go ahead.  “Emergencies” should occur no more than twice a quarter.  

Fire Drill--- In the event of a fire drill remain seated and await my instructions.  Quietly and quickly follow instructions in an orderly manner. 

Pencil sharpening--- Black or blue ink is to be used on all assignments unless otherwise noted.  If you need to sharpen a pencil please do so without incident.  Do not interrupt a lesson or lecture to sharpen your pencil. 

Questions ---Please raise your hand if you have questions during a lesson.  If I ask for all questions to be held until the end of a lesson please try to hold your question.    

Make-up Work ---You are responsible for obtaining make-up work.  Upon return from absence find your period’s binder from the absence tray.  Each binder will contain all assignments and be organized chronologically.  You have the number of days equal to that of absence to complete make-up work. Example: absent two days, those two days worth of assignments will be due on the third day back.  If an assignment is due the day of absence the assignment will only be accepted upon return if the absence is excused.  If you know you will not be here you are responsible for getting your assignment to me before the due date. 

Use of Computer--- The class computer is not available to students except when used to assist with visual aids accompanying presentations and reports.  Any other time use of the computer is off limits. 

Plagiarism and Cheating ----Plagiarism is taking credit for someone else’s work.  This is the highest academic crime you can commit.  Ignorance is not a defense.  When in doubt, cite it or ask me! PLEASE KEEP THIS IN THE FRONT OF YOUR BINDER IN THE SECTION FOR RULES AND POLICIES.